LP Godzilla - Analysis

Well, thanks to August and Chris M., it is now public knowledge that the Legendary Pictures Godzilla thing is now a done deal. Now, since the producer's list has been released, here is what we can expect:
I checked out the producers who I didn't know. Dan Lin of T:S and Sherlock Holmes is one name. Roy Lee of the US Grudge and Ring movies is involved. The American Grudge films I do like. Not as good as the JP counterparts but still good. The last producer, Brian Rogers, is a no name, only associated with some LORD OF THE FLIES adaptation. I do not think that is bad enough to weigh down the production with Toho and LP filling out the gap of known quality the three producers mentioned above provide. I think it'll ultimately the announcing of the director which will say if this film will be taken care of or not...
Watch the skies and keep alert for more news ahead.



Source: G-Matt (KG/TK Member)

Main Blurb Written By: Evan Brehany

Translations by G-Matt

Thanks to KG member G-Matt, more and more information has been uncovered on the GODZILLA PERFECT COLLECTION BOX 6, first revealed back in 2009 in a chirashi publicising the Kawakita Film Festival. Toho's official site has been publishing official information and here is the specs:

Release Date: August 25, 2010

Price: 10,500 Yen (estimated $110)

Pre-Order Period: March 25, 2010 - April 24

This set will house the most complete recording of the Millenium Godzilla films excluding "Godzilla 2000: Millenium" (was included in BOX SET 5) with the extra disc containing the complete score for the 1998 film. Tract Listing below.



1. Nichiei News (M1)

2. 1954 - Godzilla Attacks Tokyo~Reconstruction (M Akira Ifukube)

3. 1966 - Godzilla Attacks Tokai~The Government's Decision (M2)

4. 1996 - Godzilla Attacks Osaka (M3T2 First Half)

5. Superior Officer Miyagawa's Death (M3T2 Second Half)

6. Main Title (M4)

7. Scout (M5)

8. Special G-Headquarters (M6)

9. Hideous Tragedy (M7)

10. G-Confirmation I (M8)

11. Experiment Preparation (M9)

12. Black Hole Cannon Fired (M10)

13. Late-Night Incident (M12)

14. Dumping the Egg (M13)

15. Dog Tag (M14)

16. Cell Division (M15)

17. Meganulon (M16)

18. Kiriko and Jun (M18)

19. G-Confirmation II (M19)

20. Griffon Mobilized (M20)

21. Godzilla Emerges (M21 First Half)

22. Transmitter Mounted (M21 Second Half)

23. Dimension Tide (M22)

24. Submerged Shibuya (M23)

25. Shibuya Lake Discovery~Godzilla in the Trench (M24)

26. Guidance (M25)

27. The Meganula in Flight (M26)

28. Dimension Tide Launch (M27)

29. Godzilla X Meganula (M28)

30. Dimension Tide Fires! (M29)

31. The Immortal Godzilla (M30)

32. The Larva Grows (M31)

33. The Birth of Megaguirus (M32)

34. Ultra High Frequency (M33)

35. The Ultimate Fighter (M34)

36. Godzilla to Tokyo (M35)

37. Godzilla Lands in Odaiba (M Akira Ifukube)

38. Godzilla X Megaguirus I (M36)

39. The Effects of the Ultra High Frequency (M39)

40. Godzilla X Megaguirus II (M40)

41. Godzilla X Megaguirus III (M41)

42. Godzilla X Megaguirus IV (M42)

43. Repairing the Program~The Conclusion (M43)

44. Dimension Tide Falls (M44)

45. Kiriko's Decision~Lock On! (M45)

46. Dimension Tide X Godzilla (M46)

47. Victory at Last (M47)

48. End Credits (M48)Bonus Tracks49. Nichiei News (M1)

50. Nichiei News (Oshima Version) (M1)

51. 1996 - Godzilla Attacks Osaka (M3T1 First Half)

52. Superior Officer Miyagawa's Death (M3T1 Second Half)

53. Space and Time Distorted (M11)

54. Meganula Witness! (M17)

55. Appearance! I (M38A)

56. Appearance! II (M38B)

57. Ending Material (M48A)

58. Ending Material (M48B)



1. Marching Orders (M1)

2. Main Title (M2)

3. The Spirited Village (M3)

4. Huge Fangs (M4)

5. The Scars of Threat (M5)

6. The Legend of the Holy Beasts (M6)

7. The Incident at the Lake (M7)

8. Premonition (M8)

9. The Mysterious Old Man (M9)

10. The Giant Foot (M10)

11. Cries of Sorrow (M11)

12. The Mysterious Stone (M12)

13. The Sleeping Three-Headed Dragon (M13)

14. The Cruiser Oizu (M14)

15. The Black Afterimage (M15)

16. The Legend Revived (M16)

17. God of Earth - Baragon (M17)

18. The God of Destruction Appears (M18)

19. The Terrifying Landing (M19)

20. The Forgotten Terror (M20)

21. The Confrontation of the Two Giant Monsters (M21)

22. The Ambushing Holy Beast (M22)

23. Signs of Resurrection (M23)

24. The Giant Cocoon (M24)

25. God of Sea - Mothra (M25)

26. The Released Souls of the War Dead (M26)

27. Attack Preparation (M27)

28. A Tense Moment (M28)

29. God of Sky - King Ghidorah (M29)

30. GMK (M30)

31. The D-03 Missiles Fired (M31)

32. The Furious Godzilla (M32)

33. Determined to Protect the Future (M33)

34. The Mysterious Force (M34)

35. The Miracle of the Three Holy Beasts (M35)

36. A Desperate Crisis (M36)

37. The Escape from Godzilla (M37)

38. A Tribute to the Souls of the War Dead (M38)

39. End Roll -Godzilla Theme~Great Monster War March~Main Title- (M-End)

Bonus Tracks- Edited Music

40. The Giant Foot (M10)

41. God of Earth - Baragon (M17)

42. The Forgotten Terror (M20)

43. The Forgotten Terror (M20A)

44. The Confrontation of the Two Giant Monsters (M21)

45. The Ambushing Holy Beast (M22)

46. God of Sky - King Ghidorah (M29)

47. GMK (M30)

48. God of Sky - King Ghidorah (M34A)

- Demo Sound Source

49. Demo I

50. Demo II

51. Demo III



1. Toho Logo~Transit Mission (M1)

2. Godzilla Comes Ashore~Godzilla X the Special Self-Defense Forces (M2 First Half)

3. Maser Hit (M2 Second Half)

4. Main Title (M3)

5. The Hideous Recollection (M4)

6. Memorial Service (M5)

7. A Request to Be Present (M6)

8. The Skeleton of Godzilla (M7)

9. The End of School Day (M8)

10. Akane's Effort~Building Kiryu (M9)11. The Return~The Kiryu Squad (M10)

12. Intensive Training (M11)

13. Akane and Sara (M12)

14. Type 3 Kiryu Announcement Ceremony (M13)

15. Mobilization (M14)

16. Godzilla X Type 3 Kiryu (M15)

17. Arousal (M16)

18. Running Wild (M17)

19. Shirasagi No. 3 Crashes (M18)

20. Outage (M19)

21. Investigating the Cause (M20)

22. Trust~Sara's Feelings (M21)

23. Godzilla Detected~Intercept (M22)

24. The Prime Minister's Decision (M23)

25. Flight (M24)

26. Fierce Fighting I (M25)

27. Fierce Fighting II (M26)

28. Absolute Zero (M27)

29. Akane's Decision (M28)

30. Power Outage (M29)

31. Restart~Kiryu's Will (M30)

32. Crisis~Decisive Battle (M31)

33. The Immortal Godzilla~The End of the Battle (M32)

34. Victory at Last~End Credits (M33)

35. Salute!~Ending (M34)

Bonus Tracks

36. Akane's Effort~Building Kiryu (M9 Edit)

37. Toho Logo~Transit Mission (M1)

38. Godzilla Comes Ashore~Godzilla X the Special Self-Defense Forces (M2 First Half)

39. Main Title (M3)

40. Mobilization (M14)

41. Godzilla X Type 3 Kiryu (M15)

42. Fierce Fighting (M25)

43. The Immortal Godzilla~The End of the Battle (M32)

44. Salute!~Ending (M34)



1. Toho Logo~Mothra in Flight~Main Title (M1)

2. The Visit of the Shobijin (M2)

3. Mothra Flies Away (M3)

4. Press Conference (M4)

5. Reunion (M5)

6. Island of Memories (M6)

7. Akane and Yoshito (M7)

8. The Field of God (M8)

9. Kamoebas Drifting Ashore (M9)

10. The Submarine Attack (M10)

11. Repair Status (M11)

12. Azusa and Yoshito (M12)

13. Cross-Examination in the Bureau (M13)

14. Godzilla X the Guard Fleet (M14B)

15. The Ground Self-Defense Forces (M15)

16. Godzilla X the Ground Self-Defense Forces~Coming Ashore (M16)

17. Adult Mothra in Flight (M17)

18. Adult Mothra X Godzilla I (M18)

19. Yoshito's Distress (M19)

20. Adult Mothra X Godzilla II (M20)

21. Mothra's Song (M21)

22. Adult Mothra X Godzilla III (M22)

23. Marching Orders (M23)

24. Kiryu Mobilized (M24)

25. Tokyo Tower Collapses~Godzilla X Kiryu I (M25)

26. Yoshito at the Schoolyard~Godzilla X Kiryu II (M26)

27. The Birth of the Mothra Larvae (M27)

28. The Mothra Larvae in the Ocean (M28)

29. The Couple's Rescue (M29)

30. The Mothra Larvae Come Ashore (M30 First Half)

31. The Death of the Adult Mothra (M30 Second Half)

32. Yoshito Off to Repair Kiryu I (M31)

33. Yoshito Off to Repair Kiryu II (M32)

34. The Shobijin's Guidance (M33)

35. Repairing Kiryu (M34)

36. No Escape~The Capitol Collapses (M35)

37. Maser Attack (M36)

38. Prayer (M37)

39. Kiryu in Flight~Rescuing Yoshito~To the Japan Trench (M38)

40. Only a Brave Victory~Salute (M39)

41. End Credits (M40)Bonus Tracks

42. Farewell Party BGM

43. Marching Orders~Kiryu Mobilized (M23+M24)

44. The Mothra Larvae Come Ashore~The Death of the Adult Mothra (M30)

45. Mothra's Song 2003 Version



Disc 1

1. Opening ("King Kong vs. Godzilla" M10)

2. Godzilla vs. the Undersea Battleship (M1)

3. The Monster Threat and the Earth Defense Force (M2A (Long))

4. Main Title (M2C)

5. Gotengo vs. Manda (M3)

6. M-Organization Combat Training Center (M4)

7. Dr. Otonashi (M5)

8. Mummy Gigan (M6)

9. The Message of Infant Island (M7)

10. Rodan in New York (M8)

11. Ebirah vs. the Mutant Forces (M9)

12. The Xiliens Arrive (M10)

13. We Love X I (5.1 ch Material)

14. We Love X II (Cruising the Cirro-Stratus)

15. Secretary General Daigo's Incident (M11)

16. Commander Namikawa's Incident (M12 Mix)

17. The Identity of the Suspicious Star Gorath (M13)

18. The Xilien Conspiracy I (M14B)

19. The Xilien Conspiracy II (M14A)

20. Highway Battle (M15)

21. Start Gigan (M16)

22. Gotengo in the Underground Dock (M17)

23. Operation: Final War (M18-19)

24. The Departure of Gotengo (M20)

25. The Return of the King of the Monsters (M22)*

26. Gotengo and Godzilla (M23-1)

27. Godzilla vs. Kumonga and Kamacuras (M23-2)

28. Godzilla's Wrath (M24)

29. Godzilla vs. the Three Giant Monsters (M25 (GtrA))

30. Kazama's Suicide (M26 (Edit Version))

31. Gotengo's Rush (M26B)

32. Mothra Flies (M27)

33. Godzilla vs. Hedorah and Ebirah (M27B)


Disc 2

1. The Xiliens' Purpose (M28)

2. Monster X Appears (M29 Add)

3. Mothra vs. Gigan (M30)

4. The Battle of the Four Giant Monsters (M31-1)

5. The Struggle in the Mothership UFO I (M31-2)

6. The Struggle in the Mothership UFO II (M32)

7. The Battle of the Keizers (M33)

8. The Xiliens' Last Moments (M34)

9. Keizer Ghidorah Appears (M35-1)

10. Godzilla vs. Keizer Ghidorah (M35-2)

11. The End of the Battle (M36)

12. Goodbye Godzilla and Minilla (M37 Pre-End)

13. Ending (M37 Edit (Type 1 ???? Version))


Bonus Tracks

14. Godzilla vs. the Undersea Battleship (M1)

15. Start Gigan (M16)

16. Cruising the Cirro-Stratus

17. The Return of the King of the Monsters (M22)

18. The Return of the King of the Monsters (M22) (5.1 ch Material)

19. Gotengo's Rush~Mothra Flies (M26B~M27) (5.1 ch Material)

20. Keizer Ghidorah Appears~Godzilla vs. Keizer Ghidorah (M35-1~M35-2) (5.1 ch Material)

21. The Monster Threat and the Earth Defense Force (M2)

22. Kazama's Suicide (M26 (Tribute Version))

23. Monster X Appears (M29)

24. Ending (M37 Type 2 Another Version)

25. Ending (M37 Full)*Edited Music


Disc 3

1. The Xiliens Arrive (M10 Edit)

2. The Xilien Conspiracy (M14 Edit)

3. Operation: Final War (M18-19 Edit)

4. The Return of the King of the Monsters (M22 Edit)

5. Godzilla vs. the Three Giant Monsters (M25 GtrA Edit)

6. M1

7. M2A

8. M3

9. M24

10. M25 Battle 1

11. M25 Battle 2

12. Xilien Ship 1

13. Xilien Ship 2

14. First Meeting

15. Parody Spy Music Into Serious 1

16. Parody Spy Music Into Serious 2

17. Hedorah

18. Ifukube GZ

19. Demo Music 1

20. Demo Music 2

21. Demo Music 3

22. Demo Music 4

23. Demo Music 5

24. Demo Music 6

25. Demo Music 7

26. Demo Music 8

27. Demo Music 9

28. Demo Music 10

29. Demo Music 11

30. Demo Music 12

31. Demo Music 13

32. Demo Music 14

33. Demo Music 15


New Shirts

Some new Sci-Fi/Adventure themed shirts are being released by Uniqlo Store through their "Heroes of the World" series. Along with Star Wars and Indiana Jones themed shirts, Godzilla shirts are being released. Two shirts of each franchise are being released. Pics are above and below. Each shirt is up for 1500 yen (between $15-$20 USD).

You can buy them here:



"Godzilla vs. Biollante" Letter Campaign

It seems that out of the turmoil reguarding the Miramax Company, people wondered what would become of the still-to-be-released "Godzilla vs. Biollante". Well, after some research and some talk, people figured that Disney ultimately own the rights to the film. So sprung out of Tohokingdom.com/forums came this campaign to write and send letters to Disney. Some members of TK have already written letters. You, the reader, needs to too. I mean, only a 44 cent stamp and some time out of your life to write a letter, print it, put it on the envelope, close the envelope, and put the adress information and put it in your mail box. Some people have done it already, so do it to! We could make a diffrence! Though the odds are against us. But the more people who mail a letter, the better the odds are.

The adress you should send the letter to is:

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

TK Mod GVAMP has written a letter which all you have to do is print out to be used:

"To Whom it May Concern:
Hello my name is (your name here); I’m a huge fan of Godzilla movies and noticed you currently hold the rights to the film Godzilla vs. Biollante, which HBO Home Entertainment released on VHS as well as Laser Disc way back in 1992. The film has also been shown on cable TV (Cinemax). The film is currently unavailable on DVD in the United States, despite its availability in many other countries. I was wondering if you have any current plans to release the film on DVD or Blu-Ray, as it is one of my favorite Godzilla films as well as one of the most-wanted films by Godzilla fansI’d also like to point out that companies like Sony and Classic Media have released several Godzilla titles over the past few years and they seem to be selling well; in fact Classic Media’s release of Godzilla, back in September 2006, was very critically acclaimed that year and won several awards, and has recently been re-released in Blu-Ray.If a release is planned, please include some special features, such as trailers and behind the scenes footage; Toho typically has such features on their Japanese releases of Godzilla films. Also, please include both an English-dubbed audio track as well as a Japanese track with English subtitles; Godzilla fans tend to prefer the option of seeing the films both ways!Thank you for your consideration of this request; I assure you that there are thousands of American fans who would be very desirous of adding an authorized version of this film to their collections!

Thank you:
(your name here)"

This post was requested by Cody Himes and GVAMP


New Book: "ゴジラ、東宝特撮未発表資料アーカイヴ プロデューサー・田中友幸とその時代"

Quite a title, eh? I have tried translating it but it is seems to be a making of book for at least the original Gojira. The only thing at this time which I can comfirm is that it is comming out on the 26th. More information to come... hopefully.
UPDATE: Thanks to KG member G-MATT, the title has been translated to read: "Godzilla, Unpublished Toho SFX Archives Material: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era".