LP Godzilla - Analysis

Well, thanks to August and Chris M., it is now public knowledge that the Legendary Pictures Godzilla thing is now a done deal. Now, since the producer's list has been released, here is what we can expect:
I checked out the producers who I didn't know. Dan Lin of T:S and Sherlock Holmes is one name. Roy Lee of the US Grudge and Ring movies is involved. The American Grudge films I do like. Not as good as the JP counterparts but still good. The last producer, Brian Rogers, is a no name, only associated with some LORD OF THE FLIES adaptation. I do not think that is bad enough to weigh down the production with Toho and LP filling out the gap of known quality the three producers mentioned above provide. I think it'll ultimately the announcing of the director which will say if this film will be taken care of or not...
Watch the skies and keep alert for more news ahead.


  1. Exciting news. Naturally, I'm very interested to see who will direct and star.

  2. I am really excited about this! Thanks for giving us this news Evan! :)

  3. I like the gigantic monster Godzilla very much. It is a heroic monster. I have huge collections of the Godzilla Monster Toys.