Help Take Part In An Academic Study!

A most interesting happening has gone on in the fandom, more specifically on an academic level. Currently, a pair of college professors are in Japan and doing a study in the field of tokusatsu eiga. To be more specific, kaiju eiga. To be even more precise, Godzilla. The main point of their study is actually the locations in which Godzilla has leveled through out his film career. One of the two professors are Dr Craig Norris. Their activities have not been untold, just not as heard as what it could and should be. Craig has been going under the pseudonym "Craigzilla" on Tohokingdom forums. He has create two of the most interesting topics on Tohokingdom as of late, one regarding what Godzilla films would be most effective in pointing out Japan’s infrastructure and the newest one: a topic with a link to a survey in which will help with a further academic study of Godzilla and how tourism is effected by the King of the Monsters.

Helping with this task is the newest published book on Godzilla, "The Monster Movie Fan’s Guide To Godzilla", written by Armand Vaquer. The book has been acclaimed left and right as of yet, with such quotes ranging from "It’s brilliant" from Dr. Craig himself to the book being, "Kaiju Awesome" by David Nunez, along with other accolades. Armand has seem to have created a masterful manifesto when it comes to creating a guide to Japan with each site being documented of it’s cinematic importance to tokusatsu eiga.

I would like for all interested to check out the links below to get a full idea of what’s going on and to hopefully take part in this activity. Remembr, you are helping an academic study. This might as well be a once in a life time deal for some.

Armand Vaquer’s blog:

Tohokingdom Forum Links: