Toho's Blu-Ray DVD Promotion and Other Stuff...

I wonder about how many of you actually check the official site for Toho’s blu-rays. If so, the news part of the site (accessible at the toolbar at the top right corner of the screen) has been bustling with all sorts of information. The newest piece of news would be on the advertising of the discs, which blows what Kadokawa is doing (by having a good looking Finaro-Goji suit in the store display instead of re-using a promotional suit from 1995). A picture from Toho’s official site is below. Notice the display shows DVD cases for both announced lines of the blu-ray releases.

Reguarding the display itself, it is in Akihabara and a rough translation of the site seems to say that the suit is the actual shooting suit from "Godzilla: Final Wars". And notice in the background the Gamera display).

Toho’s official site also seems to be showing stills of their "Gojira" release’s menus and a look at some of their special features. Take a look! (images in form of links due to their large size).

Scene Selection:

Special Features

Special Feature: Story Board Comparison

Blu-Ray Exclusive Feature

Just a reminder, here is the rundown of Toho's Special Features for their "Gojira" BD release (translation by James Ballard):

1. Theatrical Trailer (HD quality)

2. Akira Ifukube Interview (SD quality)

3. View Storyboards with Picture-In-Picture [NEW FEATURE!]

4. New Version of Godzilla's Theme (HD quality) [NEW FEATURE!]

5. See Original Filming Locations With Snapshots (tentative) (HD quality) [NEW FEATURE!]

6. Oxygen Destroyer (HD quality) [NEW FEATURE!]

7. Audio Commentary (Akira Takarada)

Wondering who is in charge of the people who are graciously making the blu-ray variations of our beloved Toho-owned kaiju eiga? Their names are…

Production Manager Haruyasu Yamazaki

Masaaki Murai

Taono (rest of name does not translate)

Blu-Ray Disc Advisor Enami Masanori

Blu-Ray Disc Advisor Kazuki Yokota

For the past two months, they have been doing "Roundtables" (as of date, there are only two), in which they post comments concerning their work on the official Toho concerning the blu-ray discs. Sadly, the translated version of the two pages is so unruly that it cannot be deciphered. If you want to take a gander, highlight the text from this link: http://www.toho-a-park.com/tokusatsu-bd/news.html and drag it to WordPad. Copy and past the text from word pad onto translate.google.com and then go for it.