News From Monster Attack Team

When the news surrounding Godzilla was going slow (and most news reguarding Godzilla in Japanese news is of baseball player Hideki Matsui, who has the nickname "Godzilla"), turns out news from the fandom has arised. Now avaliable is the look of the cover of the new issue of "Monster Attack Team"!
The features include:
The History of Kamen Rider
Working for Ultraman
An exclusive interview with Tak Sakaguchi
The Last Dinosaur Partying Godzilla-style
The Fantastic cinema of Kinji Fukasaku
Japanese monster toy mayhem
Fantastic tokusatsu poster retrospective
Super Heros!
Japanese rock and roll!
So much more!
The source of this information though is the official websites for MAT. Keep going to the official websites for updates. Once everything is in order, you can order your copy of issue 8 off the site and even two back issues! "Monster Attack Team" is a fanzine which started in 1989 and died out in the middle 1990's. But now they are back!
Also of mention, Godzilla fan and political commentator Armand Vaquer is going to have his book "The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" released sometime this month. The exact date is unknown due to some complications. Be looking at Armand's blog for more updates on this exciting publication!