Godzilla From Deutschland

Something known is that the German distributors changed the plot of the Showa Godzilla films through the German dub. Something not really well known is "how". Well, talking with a German Godzilla fan on youtube (EvilVillager1989) I got to know with a couple of films how messed up they became when the German distributors dubbed them. Here you go!

Godzilla 1954
"Godzilla - Der sensationellste Film der Gegenwart" - video title
"Godzilla - The Sensational Film of the Present" - translation
Released August 10, 1956
84 minutes
No Raymond Burr

The German Dub for GKOTM actually predated the whole "Godzillasaurus" idea from "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah". As far as plot holes go, they claim that Godzilla isn't too fond of electricity though we do not know how they know that and just makes it funny when he takes down the tension wires. Though for the Oxygen Destroyer, it's creation is never explained how it was created. To a surprising extend, the Godzilla shown before the depth charge sequence and the Godzilla afterwards are counted as two different Godzillas in the German dub (figure that one out!)

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
"Frankenstein und die Ungeheuer aus dem Meer"/"Frankenstein and the Monster from the sea"
"Godzilla - Das Monster aus der Tiefe"/"Godzilla - The Monster From the Deep"
"Godzilla - Das Ungeheuer aus dem Meer"/"Godzilla - The monster from the sea" (TV TITLE)
May 16, 1969

Taking use of the Frankenstein name, the Red Bamboo organization is actualy working for Dr. Frankenstein who are bent at finding the energy source which created some monsters. What monsters am I talking about? Well Mothra, The Giant Condor, and Ebirah are off shoot experiments from Frankenstein, except that Mothra failed for not being evil, Giant Condor is a clone of Rodan (no shit!) and Ebirah is the organization's "body guard" and Frankenstein’s "master" creation.

Son of Godzilla
"Frankensteins Monster jagen Godzillas Sohn"/"Frankenstein's Monster Hunt: Godzilla's Son"
July 15, 1971

As if Frankenstein had enough children, Kumonga and Kamakuras are both creations of Frankenstein. The researchers on the island are the same like in the US/JP versions of the film. And Riko, the island girl, is Frankenstein's daughter. WTF. In Minya's case, he is just a Godzilla mutant that Godzilla cares for.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
King Kong Geegen Godzilla
Godzilla gegen mechagodzilla
Dec. 20, 1974

Mechagodzilla is another creation of Frankenstein! And Anguirus is also in the Okinawan prophecy with King Caesar. Though somehow, they claim that the Okinawans and the "Frankenstein" Simeons have been working togeather the whole time! Godzilla is good ole Godzilla.
Kaiju forumer Der Amiganer, who is best known for his fan site dedicated to Megumi Odaka (Miki S. from Gvs.Biollante - Gvs.Destroyer;http://www.megumiodaka.net.ms/), has just released some information about the Germanization of "Monster Zero", otherwise known as "Command From The Dark". "the German distributor of "Monster Zero" actually claimed that the movie was loosely based on themes by Hans Dominik, a German science-fiction author, in both the German trailer and on the German poster."
Here is the German trailer for, "Monster Zero."

Amiganer later said, "You probably won't understand much, but at one point it shows some covers of Hans Dominik's books. The narrator claims that "his [Hans Dominik's] inspirations inspired the creation of this movie" (or something like that)." I want to thank Der Amiganer for the information. Again, if anyone else has any information, please share!