Interview with AlienHulk2099

While relatively smaller than others, the Godzilla fandom has ballooned enough that there is a greater variety of fans out there who think diffrently than others, not over what's right and wrong, just matters of opinion. Often times, it is said that certain forums do not give respect to the ones who do not fallow the status quo of opinions. One of these people mentioned would be AlienHulk2099, who is known for his creativity and love for anime but also known for his contraversial opinions (well, contraversial to some). I got to sit down with him to do this interview which also includes upon request a list. Happy reading! AlienHulk is one of the more unique members of the tokusatsu fandom.

1. How did you become a kaiju fan?

When I was seven I watched the Hanna Barbera Godzilla cartoon on Cartoon Network and some time after that I discovered the actual movies. I started with Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and just fell in love with the genre ever since.

2. How has your love for the genre changed over the years?

First I was just a fan of Godzilla until I found out about Toho Kingdom in 2005 where I learned of so many other giant monster movies I haven't seen. From there it expanded to Toho kaiju, then Gamera, then Ultraman with some anime, and now I have a dual love for the super robot genre which I think originated from the kaiju genre.

3. When did you become a member of Tohokingdom?

May 2005 so I could know just what Baragon was because at the time he had no history on the site. In November 2007 I also became a member of Kaiju Phile.

4. Do you sport a collection of any tokusatsu memorabilia?

Aside from some of the movies a a few bits of Godzilla stuff, not much.

5. What would you say is your most controversial qualities?

My distaste for Armor Mothra. Way too many people just say "Transending Fate off the bat = win" when that is not the least bit true and thanks to some of the guys in left field I have horrid taste for the guy.

6. When it comes to you and movies, do you rate them critically and personally or do you just rate them by what you feel?

I rate them by feel, and not just with movies but for pretty much everything I watch. Some things just click and others simply do not.

6 part B: Do you get where the people who rate films criticaly/personaly are getting at?

I do and occasionally I use that, but for the most part I just wish to relax and enjoy the ride.

7. You seem to be one who debates a lot with fellow forum members. On what other forums are you on that you get into lots of debates on?

Aside from debating about what qualifies as adaption rape and how Cthulhu is defeatable at Kaiju Phile, nothing worth mentioning.

8. What is your take on you being thought of as an argumentative forumer?

Good question. I think that it is mostly some people that blow things out of proportion, although occasionally good points are brought up and I try to follow them.

9. What noteworthy things have you done on the forums you are a member of?

Here on TK I started the Bio-Writing revolution of 2005 which has given this site 85% of the donated stats it's had, I gave the members a chance to see the ultra rare series Ultra Q, I managed to determine the range of pornified posts when GotengoXGodzilla's account was jacked in 2007, I have introduced a variety of obscure kaiju that otherwise may have never been known, and I have created the site of Game Masters which to date has 4435 stats and counting. At World of Ultra I am the majority stat maker for the Ultra Q, Ultraseven, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Max, and Ultraseven X and have worked on stats from every Ultra series. At Kaiju Phile I unintentionally got Lovecraftian characters (or at least the godly ones) banned from the FMs and am the only person to have more than 50 friends, let alone 144.

10. What do you plan to do in the future?

Finish the Ultraman Cosmos monster bios at World of Ultra so other people can acquire proper info on them. I'll also find uncover more rare monsters the world has forgotten and make them known to the fandom. In terms of what I intend to do with my life I have written an action packed book about giant monsters, my only problem is finding a publisher that won't steal it since it's only 100,000 words. When it does get published it will give the genre new meaning and I plan to franchise it. Maybe I'll give Avery an exclusive.

11. Any last words?

I am glad you took time out to give me this interview, I hope this has been informative to the fandom, and hopefully will help other generations of fans to come. Thank you, Evan.

LIST: Misconceptions people have with me:

1. AH is stupid.

I have a GPA of 3.2, not stupid.

2. AH says outrages things to get a rise out of people.

I do not, all I do is post my opinions in the topics that specifically ask for such. It's like someone becomes angry after you give them a glass of water after they asked for it. If someone cannot stand to read them why can't they either A) Ignore it or B) Accept people have different view points? If everyone was the same life would be boring.

3. AH hates *insert something people like here*.

Not true, although I have certain dislikes for certain things I don't have a hate on anything nor will I ever. The truth is I'm a softie, some much so that sometimes if I don't try something I feel bad for the person that recommended it. I'll give anything within reason a chance and despite my deepest dislikes for something, even my least favorites, I'll find at least one positive thing from them no matter how minute it is.

4. AH only likes the bad types of movies.

No, I'll enjoy any class of movies, the difference with me is that I'll actually look into subgenres of different eras and styles regardless of budget and compare them to other movies of it's kind instead of automatically calling something bad because of it not being popular or low budget. It kind of also tics me off when people say Syfy doesn't know about science fiction because of "name change and not showing the good stuff." Name change I can understand, but if a channel only shows the good stuff than it truly knows nothing about the genre, a real fan of any genre will see the deeper and more obscure and "inferior quality" ones. You may not enjoy them, but you have to at least give them a chance.

It also annoys me when everyone compares movies of different genres to just drama. I do not compare action movies to dramas, I compare action movies to action movies; I compare the amount of action in them because that is the genre it was supposed to accomplish and I rate it on THAT. The same is easily said for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Western, War, Adventure, Comedy, etc. Compare drama movies with drama movies, not something in a genre it was never meant to; it's like comparing steak to spinach.

5. AH only watches monster movies and action movies.

I'll watch any movies of any genre and have, it's just that those types of movies are my favorites.
6. AH needs to be more like other people and share more so we can get inside his head.

Sorry, but for your protection you're better off never knowing what goes on inside my head. There's a ton of stuff I think about I have never shared online nor will I ever. Besides, I kind of like the role of mystery man.