Interview with Fan Fic Writer "Gojiramatthew"

G2KMaster: "What sparked the idea for "The Angruirus and Megalon Story"?

Gojiramatthew: "Well from what I remember, one day me and Blackdeath0001 were just playing Godzilla – Save The Earth, while we were playing we were thinking of what to do before we write Season Two of the AHP's (Which still hasn't happened). I don't remember which one of us it was but when one of us bobbed the head up and down to talk, the idea to write a comedy series using the monsters were we using at the time, hit us like a brick"

G2KMaster: "What were your original intentions for the series and how much have those intentions chance since?"

Gojiramatthew: "Hmm, well Megalon's voice was originally not meant to be my normal voice, I was originally going to use my AL (Deep voice) for him but after many line screw ups and hurting my throat, I decided to change the voice to normal. I don't remember any original intentions for the series"

G2KMaster: "Was it always you and BlackDeath?"

Gojiramatthew: "Yes, with character moving, the scripts, filming and editing, that was us"

G2KMaster: "What were some dropped concepts for episodes?"

Gojiramatthew: "Well, I only remember one idea Blackdeath0001 had: Megaguirus was going to dump Megalon and go out with Gigan, both were going to appear on screen together but it wouldn't work well with the game"

G2KMaster: " "Why make the third part literature?"

Gojiramatthew: "Well because there is more freedom in a story then a machinima and to get more G-Fans aware of it"

G2KMaster: "What are some future concepts you plan on doing?"

Gojiramatthew: "Well ending the series with a third and final video to make it a trilogy of videos, but there might be more stories, for anything non Angurius and Megalon... well, you just have to wait and see"

G2KMaster: "Are there any other projects which your viewers and Kaiju Galaxy's readers may be interested in?"

Gojiramatthew: "Well if there interested in Halo, I recommend checking out the AHP's, The White Vortex Adventures and the Valhalla Murders. But if they are not interested in Halo, well... there's always The Stabber Killer video, my Music Videos and stories"

G2KMaster: "Any words to your viewers?"

Gojiramatthew: "Yes, even with a webcam that gives you bad quality, you can still make entertaining things, just think of crazy ideas and go for it"