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"Eagle-eyed G-fan Evan Brehany scooped the world. Advanced Audiovisual Productions (Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster director Yoshimitsu Banno's production company) recently announced on its Web site that it is pursuing a Gamera IMAX 3-D movie. The announcement completely flew under the radar in the West until Evan spotted it and brought it to light."

-Brett Homenick


Here is some other informational links reguarding 3D films in Japan right now:

And not to mention AVATAR did $180 million in Japan.

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Tetsuzo Osawa: Rest In Peace

I was shocked to read late into the night on Hirshi Sagae's facebook that SFX Art Director Tetsuzo Osawa has passed away. The majority of his work was in the Art director and production designer end of the buisness. His first work (according to IMDb) was 1977's THE LAST DINOSAUR. Since then he has had a hand in the fallowing films:

-Messase from Space (Dir. Fukasaku)

-Makai Tensho (Dir. Fukasaku)

-Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis


-All Heisei Godzilla films

-Yamato Takeru

-Rebirth of Mothra trilogy

-Makai Tensho 2003 remake

A full resume can be found here:

One of the newer tokusatsu products which have been produced, "Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire", will be counted as a post-humorous work. Be checking back to this page for more information in reguards to the great SFX contributor.