Silver Screen Spook Show presents... RODAN

The Silver Screen Spook Show has shown many classic films - sci-fi, horror, and grindhouse genres. They have shown MOTHRA, GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER, and GMK (which I went to). Now they are going to show RODAN in September! All in the Souther East needs to come to this showing of a classic Showa film where THE MASTERS and the fathers of Kaiju eiga show off on their first colored kaiju piece of art!
Hope to see you there!

Youtube/Fan Fiction Update

While a lot of things seems to be going on film-wise with the announcement of Legendary Picture’s negotiation for the rights to make an American Godzilla film and Comcast is being sued for using Godzilla in one of their commercials, the fandom seems to be having some news going on. But what? First, another video for Donny Winter’s highly anticipated new fan fiction, "Mothra and Godzilla: Future Destiny" is now out on youtube. It is a really emotional video. Remember to click the "HD" button.

Next is something which really evolves the youtube side of the fandom. The youtube fandom’s most talented members are getting together under one banner as "TokusatsuReviewV3". News, Coverage of fan events, toy reviews, and news reports are all present. Right now the members of the channel is Deadzilla, EatIt41, NickJownz, and Ultraman Cronos. Below are the three videos done for the channel. The first one is by EatIt41, the second is UltramanCronos, and the third by Deadzilla.