Heisei Godzilla Tribute

This is my tribute to Kawakita's work on the Heisei series (all my Heisei Godzilla stuff 1989-1995. Notice the Godzilla Origins Gvs.D Holo poster on the side). What is yours? Send me it and I will post it.

Heisei Film Festival News

Leave it to Tom and Diane of Clawmarktoys to cover the Film Festival. They have just posted it on the clubtokyo message board:


You got to love them.

Gamera's Take Over Of Korea Coverage

As previously reported by SciFiJapan, the 6th annual JMEFF is showing the whole Gamera trilogy. Luckily, one of the members of the Korean "Big Monster Club" organization named "Artgihun" has posted onto his blog some coverage of the event. It is very awesome. The collection, to the pics of Kaneko, to even the revealing of alternate ADV Cover artwork. Take a look/see?

Hong-Gi Hun's collection looks awesome.
SciFiJapan's report: