Kaiju Triple Feature In Ohio

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At 'The 24 Hour Ohio Science Fiction Marathon'.' Godzilla vs. Mothra 92', the recent short film parody 'Gehara' and even another Toho classic 'Battle In Outer Space'From noon Saturday April 17th to noon Sunday April 18th.
Drexel Theatre
2254 E. Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43209
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Here is the lineup so far...
Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)
Battle In Outer Space
Sleep Dealer
Star Trek(2009)
2010: The Year We Make Contact
In past years they have shown the following...
The Giant Claw
The Mysterians
Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster
The H-man
Gamera Guardian Of The Universe
Mighty Peking Man
Gamera 2 Advent Of Legion
Gamera 3 Revenge Of Irys
Mothra(1961 original)
King Kong(original)
Godzilla Final Wars
Big Man Japan
The lineup ain't finished yet but will be soon. Aside from films there are also short films and trailers for both old movies and upcoming summer blockbusters. There are also intermissions between each film for restroom breaks and to attack the concession stand or connecting cafe if need be.
Then there's the 12 hour halfthon, for those who lack the stamina for the full 24 hours. It will be run in a separate auditorium from the main marathon. Right now though which films will be shown from the full lineup for the halfthon is unknown. If you are worried about missing a certain film, sticking with the full 24 hour shebang is your best bet. But if you don't care one way or the other... HALFATHON TICKETS ARE $15 THROUGH APRIL 16 AND $20 AT THE DOOR. I've been going to the 24 hour marathon for years myself, it's a mere 20 minute drive from where I live and has always been a blast for me!
WARNING! Film lineup is subject to change due to last second problems with print availability or technical difficulties. Granted it has only happened with 6 films that I am aware of in the marathon's 26 year history.

Showing Your Support For the Legendary Pictures Project

Above, a faux design claimed to be one that Legendary Pictures is using for their film.

Well, since Godzilla isn't exactly the most requested character to make a movie on, we need to try to show our support in any way we can so we can make it apparent we want this. So, here is how you can do such that:

Join these groups:

Mail this Letter:

And Keep Posting in the forums! Even make some youtube videos if you want! This list will grow. Let's show our support people!