News on Blu-Ray Discs

Has anyone check out the page for the blu-rays? They updated some of them with pics form the new special features:


Not only that, but the stats for the third wave's Heisei releases have been updated. It seems like all the Heisei releases are going to have the same "new" special feature: shows exactly where in Japan the kaiju go through. Something simular was done for the Cloverfield blu-ray...

Godzilla's Mellons (AKA Worst Article Title Ever)

Mellons. To 8th graders, they are the things which teaches about genes/seeds. To commedians, they are the ultimate synonym for the woman's mammary glands. But now they got a new name: something that Godzilla advertises. After advertising beverages which usualy get slack (Dr. Pepper and Kirin Beer's canned coffee), we now see Godzilla being used to sell mellons. Just got one thing to say: Godzilla has big mellons.

Yes, this is an actual product in Japan.

Ultraman Belial - An Appreciation

Already receiving positive reviews from critics on both sides of the Pacific, "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie" has become one of the most anticipated films of the year. The film has in it a remarkable thing in it other than it’s original plot, good acting, and intense action sequences which make the Matrix films look like kid’s fare: the first real Evil Ultraman. Like all good tokusatsu protagonists, the sometimes have to be named after biblical entities (Legion). So enter Ultraman Belial. Many people have compared him to as if Ultraman would have bonded to the symbioite which created Marvel comics characters like Venom or Carnage. Ultraman Belial "is tits". This is an appreciation for him.

The character has been host to a lot of merchandise. A theatre exclusive trading card was released. Two shirts were released in 3 sizes. An action figure is to be released this December. And a bunch of videos have popped up, showing the antagonist using electronics and how to have proper manners in the multiplex. So, let’s look, shall we?