"Godzilla vs. Biollante" Letter Campaign

It seems that out of the turmoil reguarding the Miramax Company, people wondered what would become of the still-to-be-released "Godzilla vs. Biollante". Well, after some research and some talk, people figured that Disney ultimately own the rights to the film. So sprung out of Tohokingdom.com/forums came this campaign to write and send letters to Disney. Some members of TK have already written letters. You, the reader, needs to too. I mean, only a 44 cent stamp and some time out of your life to write a letter, print it, put it on the envelope, close the envelope, and put the adress information and put it in your mail box. Some people have done it already, so do it to! We could make a diffrence! Though the odds are against us. But the more people who mail a letter, the better the odds are.

The adress you should send the letter to is:

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

TK Mod GVAMP has written a letter which all you have to do is print out to be used:

"To Whom it May Concern:
Hello my name is (your name here); I’m a huge fan of Godzilla movies and noticed you currently hold the rights to the film Godzilla vs. Biollante, which HBO Home Entertainment released on VHS as well as Laser Disc way back in 1992. The film has also been shown on cable TV (Cinemax). The film is currently unavailable on DVD in the United States, despite its availability in many other countries. I was wondering if you have any current plans to release the film on DVD or Blu-Ray, as it is one of my favorite Godzilla films as well as one of the most-wanted films by Godzilla fansI’d also like to point out that companies like Sony and Classic Media have released several Godzilla titles over the past few years and they seem to be selling well; in fact Classic Media’s release of Godzilla, back in September 2006, was very critically acclaimed that year and won several awards, and has recently been re-released in Blu-Ray.If a release is planned, please include some special features, such as trailers and behind the scenes footage; Toho typically has such features on their Japanese releases of Godzilla films. Also, please include both an English-dubbed audio track as well as a Japanese track with English subtitles; Godzilla fans tend to prefer the option of seeing the films both ways!Thank you for your consideration of this request; I assure you that there are thousands of American fans who would be very desirous of adding an authorized version of this film to their collections!

Thank you:
(your name here)"

This post was requested by Cody Himes and GVAMP


  1. Thanks Evan for posting this for me (I'm gvamp)also please share this with other kaiju forums you may visit. Again thanks a lot.

  2. Other than this article, this blog totally blows.

  3. Wonderful Picture. Very Cool and colorful. I love it. I seriously started collecting many Godzilla Toys after all I became a very big fan of the Godzilla, a very big heroic monster.