What was Christmas for me

Well, like I said, I didn't attend the Atlanta screening of DAM, presented by the Silver Scream Spook Show, making it two that I have missed since GMK a year ago. With that being as it is, Christmas went the way it would have if there was no DAM screening: buying memorabilia. More specificaly, I have continued the quest to get a good majority of G3 merchandise. So, though it does expose my family's ebay name, here are links to the things I have thus far bought off of ebay:
Along with that, I also bought some stuff in store, including:
And the remake of my favorite horror film (which isn't made by John Carpenter):
I know that it is unusual for me to make personal posts like this with this blog, but it is the end of 2009 so remembering what Jack Burton always says when the lighting crashes, the rain comes down in sheets thick as lead, and the pillars of heaven shake: "What the hell?"

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