Epic Fan Fic "Mothra and Godzilla: Future Destiny" completed!

By Donny:
"It is terrifying how quickly time seems to go by. As of a week ago I managed to complete Mothra & Godzilla: Future Destiny. After two difficult years of strenuous work and dedicated study, the piece of fan fiction managed to turn out well with positive feedback.I would like to reach out to those aspiring fan fiction writers out there who are discouraged by the complexities of producing a piece of literature---regardless the size. I cannot begin to name the number of times I wanted to give up, or thought that it was a lost cause but I feel that determination pulled me through successfully. There were days when I thought my writing was awful, and times when I thought my writing was phenomenal. I was self-conscious about what people thought about my work, but I realized that it really doesn't matter what other people think. What matters is what the writer thinks---if the story completes that person in some fashion.If there are ever difficulties whether it be being stuck in a rut of writer's block or something as simple as not knowing something, get help! Don't be afraid to ask someone else their opinion because that's what makes a writer improve---constructive criticism and reflection.I must say, it has been so fun writing Future Destiny Book I. While I am sad that it is finished (and happy at the same time), I am definitely looking forward to writing Book II.Here are links to two of the locations the story is posted at:

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