New Photos of Kadokawa's Blu-Ray Set for the Gamera Trilogy

Yep, it has happened. The Gamera trilogy blu-ray set is out. It is out in three different variations. First, we got a cover with Gamera showing off his blown off stub of a right arm. Then there is a purple colored still of Gamera after he has landed in Kyoto for the final battle with Iris. Then we got one which showings a still of Gamera and Iris battling. Well, the good part about this is that we can now show the back of the blu-ray box and all three variations of the Blu-Ray box. Here are the stats. And don’t forget: IT IS IN STORES NOW! BUY THEM NOW!

Statistics (all prices switched to US currency)
Price (Box): $90-$120 price range
Price (Individual): $51.70
Street Date: 8-28-2009
Subtitles: Japanese
First Press: 3D Lenticular Cover
Packing: Black Armary for Blu-Ray
Sounds: PCM 5.1 Surround
Label: Jesnet1050p HD

And do not forget that this set has a new 3-part documentry on the making of the Gamera trilogy, including interviews with SHUSUKE KANEKO and Tomoo Hariguchi.


  1. I wish these were come to Region 1 BR soon.