Classic Media... More Classic Mistakes

Remember the original "Classic Media... Classic Mistakes" article from Henshin Online? Well, the title of this article is a throwback to that.

Though no real surprise, Classic Media really does disapoint with their newest Blu-Ray release. Sure, we were expecting it but they could have pulled off a surprise for the fans. Honestly. I know that Toho charges for all of the diffrent images and videos the companese use for their discs but I do not think that the payment for the usage of the new remastered and RESTORED version of GOJIRA would be that more costly. Major letdown Classic Media. For future refrence, please get the new prints. Though you guys most probrobly don't care about fan responce at this juncture.


  1. Bad review or not, I'm getting this on BR.

  2. If you must please get the Japanese-made disc...