Daikaiju Refrences 3

Reference(s) No. 3:

TV Reference(s):Godzilla/Gamera films
Show: Mystery Science Theater 3000
Episode No.:
Episode: Pod People
Plot Summary: Joel and the bots riff a film boasting irrelevant footage during the opening credits, bad acting, and a weak plot involving a young boy who finds an egg that belongs to an alien. The alien, meanwhile, is killing off everyone it meets – and it’s getting closer!

Reference(s): Probably one of my most favorite MST3K episodes, Pod People makes references to the Showa Era Godzilla and Gamera films when Crow screams, “Oh, no! It’s Kenny!” Kenny is the nickname among daikaiju fans given to the seemingly omnipresent annoying boy in short pants that can be seen in just about all of these films.

Film Reference(s):GODZILLA (1998)
Film: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! (GMK)
Plot Synopsis: In the year 2003, Godzilla is nothing more than a legend in modern society, despite who recall the 1954 incident, and the military that keeps vigilant. However, the skepticism soon turns into fear, as Godzilla reemerges, possessed by the souls of those caught in the crossfire of the Pacific-Gulf War. With this new Godzilla threatening the country, only the Guardian Monsters of Yamato can stop the onslaught, and modern Japan is forced into a mythological battle.

Reference(s): While it seems odd to have listed here a Godzilla film referencing a “Godzilla” film, it is actually perfectly accurate to mention this particular reference as the 1998 film “GODZILLA” is not considered a part of Toho’s franchise:At the beginning of the movie, two Japanese officers whisper to each other about a monster seen in the United States that the Americans claimed to be Godzilla.

Other Reference(s):Godzilla
Media type: animated short
Title: Mrs. Calloway Presents: A Dairy Tale
Extra from: Disney’s Home on the Range
Plot Synopsis: Mrs. Calloway and the rest of the main Home on the Range Cast put a spin on the tale of the Three Little Pigs

Reference(s): Whilst the ever-prim-and-proper Mrs. Calloway attempts to tell the tale of the Three Little Pigs, things get more than chaotic as the rest of the cast references everything from Close Encounters of a Third Kind to rather amusing Godzilla reference in which the horse, Buck, responds to Grace’s Close Encounters reference with:“But she meets her match against the big, bad monster horse Buckzilla!”, looking very much like Toho’s creation. Following this statement, he proceeds to blow from his mouth a stream of “fire”, and, returning to his normal size, he turns to the Big Bad Wolf, and says, “Hey, Wolfie, you wanna piece of me?” Shortly after this, Mrs. Calloway herself appears very large, the same size as “Buckzilla”.

Credit for Reference(s): Kuroneko-sama

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