Daikaiju Refrences 2

Reference(s) No. 2:

TV Reference(s):Gappa, the Triphibian Monsters
Show: Red Dwarf
Season: IV
Episode No.: 24
Episode: Meltdown
Link to reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEWhFWMhSZo
Official website: http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/news/index.cfm
Plot Synopsis: Kryten discovers how to work a teleportation paddle, and he and the rest of the Red Dwarf crew (Lister, the Cat, and Rimmer) manage to wind up on a nearby planet with a breathable atmosphere – only the inhabitants are made of wax! Now the boys from the Dwarf are caught up on the War of Wax World between wax droids that broke their programming, and Rimmer dubs himself commanding officer of the remaining good side!

Reference(s): After an amusing scene involving Rimmer’s light beam, Kryten and Rimmer teleport to a nearby planet. After ascertaining that the atmosphere is suitable, Kryten sends the paddle back to Lister and the Cat. Rimmer then asks what they are to do next, to which Kryten suggests “ambulating as fast as the local gravity will allow.” When Rimmer demands to know why, Kryten responds, and points ahead. The scene changes and we see stock footage from Gappa, the Triphibian Monsters. The scene shifts again, and we see Rimmer running in terror. We see stock footage from this film a second time later on, portraying the Gappa monsters destroying a city. After this, Kryten makes a comment, stating that he had seen other things that were more realistic.Also to note, the intro for this season includes stock footage of one of the Gappa.

Credit for Reference(s): Kuroneko-sama


Film Reference(s):King Kong
Film: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Plot Synopsis: Wallace, a cheese-loving inventor, and his silent canine companion, Gromit, return in their very first feature film. In it, they are in charge of Anti-Pesto, a small business dedicated to the protection of citizen’s crops from ravaging rabbits before the town’s annual giant vegetable competition. But things begin to get more than furry when an enormous rabbit appears by the light of the moon, and Wallace and Gromit get mixed up in their oddest adventure yet!

Reference(s): There are multiple references in this film, particularly in the Universal monster area. There are references in particular of the Wolfman and of Frankenstein. However, towards the climax of the film, King Kong is blatantly referenced, from the abducting of the film’s love interest/female lead, to the infamous Empire State Building scene with an airplane – recreated with the titular were-rabbit atop a tower at Tottington Hall, and Gromit in a “Dogfight” airplane that was intended for a kiddy ride.

Credit for Reference(s): Kuroneko-sama

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