Guy Tucker: The Secret GODZILLA 2 Winner

Skip to 6:29 for the meat of this story

Those who were around for G-CON ‘96 and attended already knew this bit of information. Those newer to the fandom (the author’s generation) probably do not know this. As mentioned in the article about GUNHED (the last article published before this), there were techicaly three winners of Toho’s GODZILLA 2 contest. Jim Bannon, who ended up having his story turn into GUNHED, Shinichiro Kobayashi who wrote GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE, and unofficially Guy Tucker.

I contacted a close friend of Guy Tucker’s, August Ragone, and this is what he had to say:

"What Guy said was true — I read a copy of the script right before Guy sent in it to Toho. I wonder if I still have a copy of this script somewhere...

The psychic girl in his screenplay had a direct connection to the antagonist monster — not Godzilla — and her motivation was similar to the girl in GAMERA 3. Revenge. Kind of like Katsura in TMOG, actually. The monster's name was Ankyron. The opening of his screenplay had Godzilla going white-hot from radiation overload — kind of like a meltdown — and attacking Hong Kong."

This is most interesting. Chances of ever reading this script is against us, but it does leave some to the imagination. Imagine if things turned out differently, such as Tucker’s script being the one chosen and that elements from Kobayashi’s script were stolen. Fate is interesting.

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