State of the Blog 2012

It is 2012, thus it is called for to type up a sort of "state of the union" address to you, the patrons of this blog. 2011 was not a very good year, and this is not on the basis that the news feed was bad for the year. The amount of news being miniscule and less than that of 2010 was to be expected. What is bad though is that I have learned that as you get older, real life crashes down and burdens come up, only to show that you not only have priorities, but such priorities are going to tire you out more often than what you are used to. I used to pump out material, but not anymore.

Of the misfortunes which have plagued me the last year (and those who know where to look know of what I speak), the most important to talk about would be the fate of my laptop. My HP Pavilion laptop (which I have had since summer 2008) is finally breaking down. Basically, my computer is literally dieing of old age. Long hours of use year around has taken it’s toll and the future of it isn’t clear. What is clear is that to fix whatever problem I seem to be experiencing, it usually calls for long periods of waiting followed by longer periods of restarting the poor laptop over and over again. It seems to be a weekly cycle.

If I am on the net, I will hopefully get stuff done. I told a person, who I was forwarded to on good terms, that I would help promote a certain documentary which will excite kaiju fans who can speak English while also rekindling friendships which I feel bad for abandoning. More writing will be done, and hopefully better writing, even if I have to start doing it in longhand and wait to type it up digitally. The DAM DVD review was meant to be edited but due to certain problems it hasn’t been possible. By the time this is posted, it will have been edited. Writing will continue again, though to tell the truth, doing writing on Japanese films is hard without a reliable computer source (just the way things are).

If there is anything which anyone wants, feel free to post a comment at the bottom. Remember, I have to approve all comments thus if you do not see it appear immediately, do not panic, it’s all cool. I just want to leave on this note: hope that a piece of SPACE MONSTER GUILALA I have been working on for some time will eventually get completed (anyone who can translated Japanese and would like to team up on this please contact me).

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