Review: SPCBS Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

Movie: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
Music By: Miciru Oshima
Record Label: Toho Music
Runing Time: 66:37
Discs: 1
Year of release: 2010
Review: ****/*****
The fist disc in the sixth 50th anniversary Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection box set contains the score of GODZILLA VS. MEGAGUIRUS, composed by Michiro Oshima, the first and (so far) only female composer in the series. While this isn’t her best work, it is still a very well done and enjoyable soundtrack.
As the movie begins, we are soon introduced to Oshima’s new Godzilla theme, which is, without a doubt, one of the best themes of the monster outside Ifukube’s work. It starts out foreboding before finally moving to the action-oriented part. Among other repeated themes in the score are the G-Grasper march, the best rendition of which is heard in "The Griffon Mobilizes" (according to the booklet, director Masaaki Tezuka thinks it sounds reminiscent of the theme from the classic 60’s TV series "Thunderbirds", and I kind of agree), the Meganula egg theme (heard in tracks 13, 14, and 25 for example), the Dimension Tide theme, and the exotic-sounding battle music that’s heard throughout the final fight between Godzilla and Megaguirus. There’s also a theme for the Meganula swarm, which fit’s the insect kaiju really well. Akira Ifukube’s Godzilla theme is also used in the movie twice (tracks 2 and 37).
As for the disc itself, it is by far the best way to experience this soundtrack. There’s not so much new content, since one of the previous CD release that was included as part of the now OOP DVD set of the movie already contained (nearly) the full score. However, there are two thing that make this CD triumph over that one. First, and most importantly, the "Nichiei News (m1)" cue finally gets its release on CD, and there are a couple of alternate versions of it in the bonus tracks too. Second, the two aforementioned Ifukube tracks are put back in after being omitted from the previous disc from Toho Music. The bonus tracks also include an alternate take of the M3 cue and all the unused cues, which are quite short.
As always, the booklet features a picture of Godzilla’s face on the front cover and pictures of Misato Tanaka and Yuriko Hoshi on the back. The booklet contains all the usual stuff: information about the movie and the music, track notes, ect. There’s also an interview with director Masaaki Tezuka.
All in all, Michiru Oshima’s first soundtrack in the Godzilla series is a very good one, and it’s given an excellent presentation on this disc. If you don’t have this soundtrack yet, this box set offers you the chance to get it.
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  1. I have huge collections of Godzilla Toys with all different figures and styles. That monster looks damn good. Very heroic too.