Mothra & Godzilla: Future Destiny Book II - The Human Perspective

Above is a video showing the human side of things in KG founder Donny Winter's fan fiction epic, "Mothra and Godzilla: Future Destiny Part 2", the second installment of a trilogy. This video, containing no Toho-related material as for cause of deletion, shows a very, very emotional side of a human story in a kaiju adventure. Staring in the video is Donny Winter (doubling as director), Sahra Rau (as the girl in the sepia tone scenes), and Cyndi as the long haired girl that we see looking out the window near the end. The story of the video is all about the loss of a loved one, and with parallels (such as Donny's character and Sahra's character smelling the same flowers), it has a deeper meaning to some. Enjoy!
Do not forget that the first installment, "Mothra and Godzilla: Future Destiny" is up and published on Kaiju Galaxy forums. Join and read the epic!

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