Review: Clash of the Titans

I just had the pleasure of seeing Legendary Picture’s newest cinematic offering, CLASH OF THE TITANS, a remake of the 1981 film that was Ray Harryhausen’s swan song (and with the saying that you are only as good as your last show, Harryhausen is up there with Baker and Tsuburaya). This film has caused a minor sensation. With fans of the original, they pretty much think of the film either as "ok" or just not really that good. To the general movie going audience, it is the second choice film to pick for the Easter Holidays. For Godzilla fans, it is the film which will make people think "Does Legendary Pictures really have what it takes to make the next American Godzilla film". Well, let’s see how it goes.

Without going into the plot, I got to say that the film is a nice solid movie. There aren’t any real plotholes. And some people complain about the protagonists riding on the scorpioc’s backs as if they forgot they were made out of Calibos’ own flesh and blood. However, I do not think many took notice of the fact that the Djinn had already tamed them. And there is some nice story telling here. We have a flashback sequence. An underlying moral that power corrupts (leading Purseus to turn down the offer to become a king and an immortal). And the rest is a fairly simplistic journey. And that’s where some of it’s beauty comes from, it’s simplicity.

The score and the SFX I will clump into one thing. The score was ok, nothing too spectacular and nothing to write home about. The CG though is used pretty well. There are some things of models and make up, particularly some of the claws of the Scorpiocs (watch the G4 Special and the HBO Special on the film) and the make up with Calibos. The CGI use is pretty good. It was hard to analyze because of the forced 3D formatting but it was good as far as I can tell and the direction was fabulous, including the filming of the scenes with the Kraken. The direction with the Kraken surely was the best of the whole film. Really made the scenes it was in pretty elaborate. Surely made the Kraken look elaborate. Really gargantuan. Surely it was awesome and something which acted your attention.

The acting is nothing to write home about. It is decent. Sam Worthington didn’t seem out of place like I have read, but he isn’t the best either. However, the on screen chemistry which Liam Neeson as Zerus and Ralph Fieness as Hades is a great thing though. Not the best acting from either one, but the chemistry is just awesome. Enough that it has even come to my attention that they were together on "Schindler’s List". Just awesome. And Liam Neeson is the superior of the two though, and his presence is always awesome. Though I kept thinking "you could move your arms to help exaggerate your words now", he is great. His first shot is also cool, with Liam pounding his fist.

Overall, the film is not the greatest. And I think I enjoyed it a lot more than most because I haven’t seen the original in accouple of years. I say go see it. It is a good remake and it has it’s moments. It’s just a run way to kill two hours. I feel safe now with Legendary Pictures taking over Godzilla for their next project. I give this film a B+

Oh, and I also got a picture with a NOES remake poster.

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