Subtitle Script for "Gehara"

Since not every one is as willing to go the grey market way I go and went to see "Gehara", "G", and "Regio", I have taken the liberty to type out a subtitle transcript for Gehara. So those of you who have not yet seen for FREE on the internet Gehara have no excuse to not see the 20 minute short. It is a really cool film, you need to see it!

Watch Gehara here, subtitles are below the link:


Scene 1: Ship Sinking In Japan Sea

Steering Fisherman: Hmmm, that’s weird.
Drunk Fisherman: What is it?
Steering Fisherman: The engines are not working.
Drunk Fisherman: Something must have stuck onto it.

[Drunk Fisherman Sees Gehara]

Drunk Fisherman: What is that? Hey, come look!
Steering Fisherman: What?
Both: Oh my God, it’s….. It’s HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene 2: News Report

TV: Early this morning, a fishing boat exploded…
Wife: Come on Hideo! Don’t be lazy and help me out!
Hideo: Shut up. It is really important for us journalists to check out news programs like this.
Wife: Whatever.
TV: Fisherman Mr. Tasaki is currently missing. The Coastal Guard has been making a rescue effort since this morning…
Hideo: It looks like it was sunken by a hairy kaiju!
Wife: God, another "kaiju" story?
Mother: There isn’t anything like that in today’s world.
Hideo: Well, we are in the age of science. We have to uncover the truth.
Wife: Hideo!
Hideo: See you later!
Mother: Good luck!

Scene 3: Examination
Fisherman: Hair… Hair… Hair…
Doctor: His hair has strangely fallen out. He must have experienced something very terrifying.
Hideo: Mr. Murakami, what in the world did you experience?
Dr. Murakami: A sea-man could have doen this. Or, we can assume that a Keukegen might have caused it. Anyways, go ahead and go through all the materials we have and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause…
Fisherman: HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Murakami: Ow! Ow! Ect.

Scene 4: Tribal Scene

Tori Shrine Name: "Geharha Shrine"

[tribal music scene till Hideo opens door]

Village Elder: Who is this?
Hideo: I heard you know about the Keukegen "Gehara", and there is something which you need to know.
Village Elder: You must not go! You will be cursed by the great Geharha!

[sees destroyed land]

Village elder: Oh, no… The seal has been broken! Nobody can stop the Great Gehara now.

Scene 5: Couple with Camera scene - Yase Clift, Noto Peninsula

Boy Friend: Let’s go further.
Girl Friend: It’s scary!
Boy Friend: Don’t worry. I got you.

Scene 6: News Reports

Japanese TV: A few minutes ago, there has been a huge blackout around the Ishikawa prefecture. The feeder line has been…
[mixed talking]
Indian News: Gehara
African News: Gehara
Japanese TV: The authorities affirmed that a monster is involved in this series of disasters…
Dr. Murakami: We even thought it was done by the Gods, the old rulers of the earth. Considering all the evidence, it must be a monster. There is no question that this is all because of a kaiju.
Japanese TV: According to the authorities, the monster - now named Gehara from ancient lore - has hit the shore of the Kanazawa region. The situation of the damage is still unknown, but it is confirmed that Gehara is now heading to an urban area. Local residents should stay calm

Scene 7: Ground Zero - Kanazawa capitol

Overhead Speaker: We designate that the target is "Gehara".
Mother: Where is Hideo?
Wife: I hope he’s safe.


Army Commander: Will our weapons work on Gehara?
Dr. Murakami: As long as he is a terrestrial being, his antibiotic must be the same as ours.
Female Soldier: Gehara has reached Kanazawa!
Female Reporter: The Monster Gehara seems to be heading this way, demolishing building on the way. We can even hear his footsteps.

[Gehara raises hell]

Female Reporter: Gehara is now visible. It is extremely dangerous here!
Male Speaker: What, what? Going on? Oh, oh, oh hell, Damn it, run for your lives!

[tanks come in]

Army Commander: Fire!
Dr. Murakami: Yes, he’s gargantuan but his skin cannot be as hard as steel.
Soldier: What is that smell?
Soldier: I cannot breath!
Overhead Speaker: He’s excreting gas!
Army Commander: Retreat! Retreat!

[back at the headquarters]

Female Soldier: Gehara is discharging gas from his fallen hair! Our personnel are incapacitated!
Male Soldier: We can’t keep the defense line!
Commander: If we hit, he discharges gas. Plus, the long hair cushions the damage.
Dr. Murakami: "A mud wall deads a cannon bullet"
American scientist: I have a good idea! Why don’t we used the machine we developed?
[Ground Zero]

Soldiers: Evacuate!

[machine comes in "Gas Vortical Device "Fujin"]

Overhead Speaker: Gas Vortical Device: Ready!
American: Fujin, ignition! Level Max!
Dr. Murakami: There’s his weak spot!
Army Commander: Fire!

[Gehara falls]


Commander: We did it!
America [in English]: We did it!
Dr. Murakami: After all, humans are the scariest.

Radio: Gehara is now escaping towards the mountains.
Man: He is coming this way!

Scene 8: Epilogue

[Gehara is bombed]

Army Commander: Is Gehara dead?
Dr. Murakami: More than likely, yes. Yet we have to remember that a second Gehara will appear soon unless we stop the environmental destruction.
Village Elder: It’s not Gehara’s fault! It’s humans who are harmful!
Hideo: Gehara is a victim as well.


Scene 9: "Gehara: Monster Martial Law"

Hideo: What?
Xilien: Gehara is now in our hands. Surrender Terrans! This planet is ours! Surrender or we will release Gehara into one of your metropolises!
Hideo: God, if we don’t act fast, Japan and even the world will fall prey to Gehara!
Village Leader: There is but one way - and only one way - to seal Gehara.

[trailer music starts]

Hideo: Nobody but us can stop him.
Dr. Murakami: It is us, the human species, who are destroying this Earth.
JAPANESE TEXT: Unprecedented Crisis.
Xilian: Surrender Terrans!
Village Elder: That’s our last hope.
Japanese Text: Looming Invaders
American [in English]: OH MY GOD!
Army Commander: Was it all planned?
Japanese Test: Raging Hairy Monster!
Army personnel: Do you read me!?
Japanese TV: Is this the beginning of the apocalypse?
Dr. Murakami: We will be the rulers and build the real Utopia!
Japanese Text: Will the Human Species be annihilated?
Army Personnel: We will NEVER give up!
Female Soldier: He will destroy all of the defense line!
Mother: Run sweetie!
Wife: I can’t do that!
Mother: Listen to me! Our planet needs you!
Japanese Text: The last hope reveals itself
Multiple People: We are… the TERRANS!


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