Full Report: Teruyoshi Nakano SFX Film Festival

From December 26, 2009 to January 29, 2010, Japan’s HUMAX CINEMA (the same cinema which in 2009 held a Koichi Kawakita/Heisei Godzilla film festival) is celebrating the SFX films which had one man as their special effects director: Teruyoshi Nakano. Known primarily for his work on the 70’s Godzilla films, Teruyoshi was involved with the series since "Mothra vs. Godzilla". His best work however is in destruction films like "Submersion of Japan" and "War in Space". It is such "destruction" and non-kaiju tokusatsu eiga works that the Humax Cinema is celebrating. Here are the fallowing films which have been showcased so far:

1. Monkey (TV series, SFX director for some episodes)
2. Zoku ningen kakumei (English title unknown to the author)
3. Conflagration
4. Admiral of the Grand Fleet: Isoroku Yamamoto
5. The Secret of the Telegian (NOTE: Nakano-san was only a special effects assistant on this film)
6. Firebird: Daybreak Chapter
7. War In Space
8. Submersion of Japan

To this day, Teruyoshi Nakano keeps active. He has been graced with three award wins: two Japanese awards for best special effects ("The Return of Godzilla" and "Princess of the Moon", Teruyoshi’s final work) and a Mangled Skyscraper award presented by the staff of "G-FAN" magazine. Nakano-san keeps a good life today, occasionaly doing interviews and writing books on his memoirs on the set of many tokusatsu productions.

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