AMC and Godzilla

2010 seems to be getting at a good start with Godzilla. A new book in Japan and this year’s Christmas ornament has been revealed. Not to mention the release of Armand Vaquero’s "Monster Movie Fan’s Guide To Japan" and the soon release of a new issue of "Monster Attack Team" fanzine. It seems now that AMC has hopped on the band wagon as well. As number one on their list on "movies that spawned too many sequels", AMC has chosen the Big G of that honor. While I wouldn’t say there have been to many films (28 isn’t that many), it is nice to see the Big G still get recognition. Kudos AMC.

Note, another hint given that I did not record was that the host said that his [Godzilla’s] first film did not become widely available until 2006. Thank god we got Classic Media.

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