2009 In Review

Well, 2009 is over with and we are now over with the first decade of the new millennium. 2009 has been a very good but yet a very bad year for me, but I do not have much to complain about. So what exactly happened in 2009 with me? Let’s see…
Kicking off the year in January was the theatrical screening of GMK at the Atlanta, GA theatre, the "Plaza Atlanta". Seeing a Godzilla film on the big screen was quite mystifying. But the other stuff surrounding it, like the free memorabilia and the merchandise which I got, brought a new dimension to it. Quite frankly, I have and will keep on calling it a "mini-G-FEST". January also ushered in an era in which I have started taping off of my computer screen rare footage of Godzilla-related stuff. This includes trailers, event footage, 8mm film, and just a plethora of material.
February was a pale time for me. I ensued "Operation GOJIRA" for the umpteenth time. Later I would find that it was a big waste of time. March was just as a bland. April, still bland. Well, bland except for one factor: my friends supporting me. I have three friends specifically who have supported me by sending me, for lack of a better term, gifts. And I got to thank these people for showing me a lot of stuff. This is merchandise such as "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Godzilla" by Ed Godziszewski, DVD copies of the Toho Unused SFX tape, Godzilla Fantasia, Legend of Godzilla, and a lot more other stuff. They know who they are and if they are reading this, I would like to thank them again for their continued support.
May - specifically the end - was the genesis of something special. THIS BLOG! Out of the wanting to get Kaiju Galaxy forums more active and wanting to have a blog which would become, in time, a beacon of information for all. While this is slowly happening, there are still some knots which needs to be undone. But most of those knots have been untangled.
June was mainly inactive, with July being a threshold. First day of June, I was blessed to finally see what is my favorite kaiju film ever, "Gamera 3: Incomplete Struggle". And it is exactly that, my favorite kaiju film. Gamera is treated like a human character, it is dark and yet fun. The only thing I could really count against it would be the lack of the rumored cut ending of Gamera and Gyaos still duking it out with a sign of humanity either on the brink of or is already extinct.

July came, and I spent what time I had for the rest of the break on the forums. There were two forums of special note which I should mention: Clubtokyo and Tohokingdom. With Tohokingdom, I was allowed back on after a year’s suspension. And right now, it is actually quite cool. Thanks partially to Tohokingdom, I have learned some things, such as fine lining my skills of critically and personally ratings films and such. On the other side is Clubtokyo Forums. Except that I acted cocky. I acted on the defensive too much, and argued points which I was wrong about. That, and my big mouth. Through my ranting, I also became an infamous member. Then at the end of the month -coinciding with a funeral - my blog was hacked (I was tricked into giving away information). And another person - or the same - tricked me into thinking he was a certain person. So, in the end, I got banned from Clubtokyo (maybe the best thing for a while) and the possible end of a friend ship (I post comments on the aforementioned friend’s blog every now and then).
August was spent getting stuff back in gear for the school year. Starting high school! Though this is a subject I never talk about, I might as well let out some details for once. School has been going great. And in fallowing my late father’s footsteps, I decided to have the classes that you are allowed to choose consisting of computers (something I am naturally good at), physical fitness (if you saw me in real life, though I can hold my own it hasn’t helped any), and the thing which my father took up - engineering.
September was to be a good month, with "Rodan" being shown at the Plaza Atlanta. Though I didn’t go due to my mother suddenly getting ill, though one thing happened: my love for the critically terrible Children of the Corn series being resurrected once the remake came out after hearing for years on end about an eight film which never came into fruition. And now since a second remake is on the way, I am happy.

October and November consisted of just running the blog, keeping people updated with news and such while getting along with school with nothing really getting into the way. December is now here, and along with a renewed interest in Super Sentai due to news of the original MMPR being re-aired in HD and tweaked special effects (which alarms me ever so slightly, hopefully SciFiJapan will do a report on this shenanigans). Also, not to mention a restored love for "The Big-O" since seeing the official adult swim boards going a little slow along with the release of the Chogokin figure.

This year has been a good year, starting good with a mediocre middle and ending with flying colors. My collection is bigger, I am a moderator on two of my favorite forums, I can scratch being published in G-FAN off my bucket list (and I am still writing stuff, I hope to get a piece on G3 in soon with pictures from my collection). I want to thanks the friends I have had and the friends I have made along the way for making this such an awesome year.


  1. Well, Evan, you did forget that Operation Gojira was a minor victory. I mean, remember when you showed some of the fotage during the mock court trail? That ought to count for something.

  2. I haven't told anyone about that Zach.

  3. Hey, what is Operation Gojira? From what is sounds like, it's a way for fans to bring the fandom into their schools, sounds pretty cool to me. Maybe you should write an article on that!

  4. I did. It is something which I rather not remember. I'll post the article I wrote on it soon - just keep checking in! Thanks Jerry...