New Toho Blu-Rays

Today, the official Toho Tokusatsu Blu-Ray DVD site revealed the fourth wave of blu-rays being released on March 19, 2010. The films being released are "Mothra vs. Godzilla", "Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster", and "Godzilla X Megaguirus". For their regular SFX films, "The Mysterians" and "Atragon" are being released. Unlike the third line - which only had one of it's title prevail with newly produced special features, all of the DVDs in this fourth wave have newly made special features - even "Godzilla X Megaguirus". The spects are the same as the other blu-rays. Below is links and translations of what is on the disc other than the film:

"Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster"
Special Features:
-Theatre Notice (HD quality)- making of (8mm film) (SD quality)
- interview with actor Nakashima Haruo (Godzilla) (SD quality)
-"Monster Ghidorah" 8mm Film release + FLEXI (SD quality)
-"Space Monster Ghidorah" DVD Book (from original DVD) (HD quality)
-Tokusatsu Toho University Encyclopedia SF (SD quality) [NEWLY PRODUCED]
-Audio Commentary (Eiko Wakabayashi , interviewed by Toshiaki Sato)

"Mothra vs. Godzilla"
-Theater notice (HD quality)
-Godzilla vs. Mothra 1980 re-release cut (HD Blow-Up)
-"Godzilla attacks Tokyo" 8mm + FLEXI (SD quality)
-"Godzilla attacks Tokyo" DVD Book (HD quality)
-Career of Molding Godzilla (tentative HD quality) [NEWLY PRODUCED ]
-Tokusatsu Toho University Encyclopedia SF (SD quality) [NEWLY PRODUCED]
-Audio Commentary (Kenji Sahara interview by Kurashiki Yasuo)

"The Mysterians"
-Theatre notice (HD quality)
-Earth Defense's Soldiers Toho Champion Matsuri Festival Edition (HD quality) [FIRST TIME RELEASED! ]
-SF Encyclopedia Tokusatsu Toho University (SD quality) [NEWLY PRODUCED]
-Audio Commentary (Shinji Higuchi and Koichi Kawakita interviewed by Yasuo Kurashiki)

-Theatre notice (HD quality)
-1968 edit of Atragon (HD blow up) [FIRST TIME RELEASED ]
-Gotengo Encyclopedia (Tentative HD quality) [NEWLY PRODUCED]
-Tokusatsu Toho University Encyclopedia SF (SD quality) [NEWLY PRODUCED ]
-Audio Commentary (Okiharu Kajita and Takeshi Nuda)

"Godzilla vs. Megaguirus"
- Theater Notice (HD quality)
- Dispatch (HD Blow-Up)
-TV Spot (SD quality)
- Making (SD quality)
- Shibuya, Tokyo Bay Hen Location Guide Godzilla series (tentative HD quality) [Journal first! ]
- Audio Commentary (Director Masaaki Tezuka / special effects director Kenji Suzuki and Misato Tanaka)
- Audio Commentary (Composer Michiru Oshima and score producer Kitahara Kiyoko)


  1. You're on the pulse!

    Great to see the next line up. They've got to work their way through the rest of the movies. Funny how Heisei got the prioity, but those are my favourite so it's fine by me!

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