Japan's "Grissom Gang" to hold theatrical screening of "Godzilla: Tokyo SOS"

The Kiryu Saga seems to be getting lots of attention lately. A new blu-ray display utilizes the suit pre-scar and a Kirin beer company advertisement campaign is using the 2002 duo of Hideki Matsui and Godzilla. Now, in time for Nov.'s many activities mostly centered around Koichi Kawakita, the "Grissom Gang" is holding Japan's second screening of "Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla: Tokyo SOS" this year (the other was durring the premier of "Raiga"). So if you are in Japan, don't miss the chance to see this awesome tribute to the Showa series!
BTW, it is too late, the film has already been shown for the two days it was alloted. It was shown over the weekend. But go to the link and see a theatre exclusive calendar given to those with some extra pocket change. Made courtesy of toy maker http://cast-web.net/

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