Interview with Kyle (Deadzilla; Jangozilla)

I have been meaning to do more fan interviews and stuff, and Kyle is the one person who I had in mind. Actually this interview was originally to be done back over summer break, but I kept putting it off (due to trying to get more news pumping through the site which I have successfully done now). But as I said, I have been meaning to do some stuff for Kyle, a great youtube member and kaiju fan. So, here is the interview. And remember, even though it is dead, let’s try to give your support to Kyle since at least I and accouple more youtube kaiju fans want to see his next fan film, "Godzilla 3". Now, here is the interview. NOTE: I AM GOING TO CONTACT BLOGGER ABOUT THE SPACING. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED...

1. Would you say that you joined youtube when Godzilla fans on youtube were still few?
Possibly, there wasn't as much toy reviewers as you see on the YouTube community today. Then again I remember the numerous fan works online such as music videos, stop motions, toy collections, tribute videos, etc. etc. So I wouldn't say few but growing Godzilla fanbase on YT.

2. What was your original goal for your youtube channel?
I never really had a goal for YouTube but just upload my random works with I and my school friends which would be a channel for my classmates and I to view our works, also the chance for me to comment and favor Godzilla music videos in the good ol days before Toho's YouTube Raid, Hence the reason why I'm "Deadzilla" on YT and "Jango_Zilla" on other web places.
3. How much of that goal have you achieved?
Like I said I never really had a goal but I've gotten a chunky amount of subscribers due to the toy reviews, stopmotions, and short films.
4. Your trademark is the excellent films you make. How did the idea come by?
Filmmaking really didn't occur to me until I began to watch the original 1933 King Kong and of course Gojira 1954 over and over again in my freshman year in highschool 2005. The effects, the acting, and the fun behind the scenes reeled me into creating my first short film, King Kong vs. Godzilla. (My 2008 version) I wanted to make a movie with REAL people in my sohpmore year but unfortunately the idea never got off the ground. It wouldn't be until my 2007 Junior year that I would meet the nicest people who helped me bring my dream to life.
5. How would you critique yourself when it comes to you and your films?
Well, in KVG (KongVGodzilla) it's my first time at stop motion which shows a beginner being born. The human characters is also the birth of beginning people for the Godzilla Universe. Come sequel time Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Which was filmed before the prequels, was a little improvement from KVG. The actress knew that she had done this before so she was a little more comfortable this time. In the Prequels(Mothra vs. Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Gamera) I clearly improved especially with KOTM. (King of the Monsters), although I wish I could have had human characters for them so they could explain the storyline, the humans for my current films REALLY needed time because we would rush these to make it to the deadline for the final exams for my video class, but they still suceed as the "cheezy" characters.
6. One of the more unique things about you is that you are Native American. How do you think your culture effects your view on kaiju eiga?
Well I don't think my culture has anything to do with my love for the Kaiju genre but the fact that it's rare to get any Japanese Godzilla merchandise out here in the Navajo Reservation, maybe that has something to do with WWII (Navajo Code Talkers lol.) Although I will say this, my culture is VERY traditional about stories of the "Monster Slayer" which do resemble the Ancient Mothra history in the films, which are very interesting for me to look into and research and try to come up with ideas for future projects.
7. About how rare is kaiju merchandise - even just DVDs and other stuff?
Japanse merchandise in general is hard to come by out here in Shiprock,Farmington, and Kirtland. If I'm lucky I'll find a store with expensive easy to find Bandai figures in ABQ. DVDs can be easliy found at my local Hastings and F.Y.E. My Bandai Creation figures on the other hand have been adopted by me from KB Toys, but now that they're dead I'm going to have to travel out of town to find a Toys R Us in order to get future BC figures. Once in awhile I'll find someone selling a Godzilla item under $3.00 which are easy steals for me. If you keep your eyes open out here, you'll never know what you'll find.
8. Noobs. Use this question to rant about them.
Some noobs are good and some are bad. The GOOD ones LEARN from thier mistakes and move on. The BAD ones NEVER seem to learn, they'll annoy, and they get demanding. Nowadays on any of my videos some random person will request me to review a Kaiju figure that I don't even own. It really annoys me that they are too lazy to check out my collection video and see what I have first before they blindly request something I dont even own, I'll ask if I have the figure and the poor fool will easily get offended and hold a stupid grudge against me for being a "jerk." The good noobs I always respect for. When a good noob requests something I don't have and I ask if I have it, they'll apologize and learn from thier mistake. Theyre are other good noobs who'll worship the uppers. Right now I have a fan who goes around on YT with my name "Deadzilla" because he was "inspired" by me to make his own videos. I respect that because it shows that I have a fanbase that I thought would never exist for me.
9. Other than Atari and KaijuCollector, what other kaiju sites are you part of (MySpace doesn’t count)?
There was my oldest online buddy's (Solidus Godzilla on YouTube) Space Godzilla Realms/Kaiju Empire which was made back when GTokyo SOS came out. By the time GFW came out, the Kaiju drought had begun in which we lost users that would visit regularly at the website/forums. Another was Godzilla Shrine which I forgot once since the Kaiju Drought begun.
10. You have expressed trouble with your new Godzilla film. Could you go into detail with it?
After talking to my friends about it, Let's say that everyone was not too enthusiatic about it. Some are too busy with thier education to help out and some are moving away to pursue thier dreams. I thought about it and said, "We had a good run guys, I think it is time that we go our separate ways for now. Godzilla will come back one day when everyone's ready to come back to it, but not now, let's pursue our dreams and have fun." I guess you can say G3 is dead for now, but who knows? Maybe in 2-3 years we'll start talking about it with better equipment and software, right now I don't have the power to make the superior films that were done in highschool, and with this economy, I don't think I'll be able to get $600-$1000 to spend on equipment, $300-500 for food to feed the crew, and $100-250 for props. That doesn't mean I'm done with Godzilla, I'm considering on doing a mini-series that revolves around Gigan's retreat from Earth and Godzilla and his son and a possible filler film which should lead up to the events for G3. For now College has kept me from doing anything new and I must concentrate along with the greatest people who helped me with the Godzilla saga.
11. Could you talk about your involvement with the youtube channel TokusatsuReviewV3...
I havent done much but just submit videos for the contests that Frank has created and upload News-type vids. But it's exciting to contribute to a channel that's trying to reach every Kaiju Fan out there in the world. I know that Frank Gillen was excited to do something that would be for Everyone in the Kaiju Nation. I'll tell him ideas and he'll be joyed to hear them. Right now I told him of a Christmas Special I'd be interested in doing and he's loving the idea so far. Working with TokusatsuReviewV3 has been a great side-hobby for me and it has allowed me to show my short films to people who have yet to see them. I would say anyone that loves Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, or Kamen Rider should check out the channel.
11. Since you live more on the Western side of the country, is it easier tog et kaiju merchandise?
I don't know much about the eastern fans availability of finding memorabilia but I will tell you that it's hard to come by Japanese Godzilla items here in NM. I've only been able to find Japanese Merchandise at ease in California. Otherwise I've been able to find American items with a sharp eye here in NM. Due to that I've been buying my stuff online such Ebay and Amazon.
13. Any last words?
The Godzilla fandom has intoduced me to many good people online and in the real world. The series is like Transformers, it intoduces many unique characters to love and write fiction about. Godzilla shouldn't be compared to Gamera and Ultraman, but it should bring the fans together because all of us are like brothers and sisters, we love Kaiju and we should love it together and have fun. If it wasn't for my love for Godzilla I don't where I'd be today possibly doing stuff on Transformers or StarWars and I would possibly would have met more jerks than I do today.
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