Silver Scream Spook Show Rumor: DAM!

Today is a good day for fans in and around the Georgia region. While only a rumor, it has been uncovered that one of the possibilities being considered for the Christmas Silver Scream Spook Show is the ever-so-iconic "Destroy All Monsters". This news has been uncovered by Kaiju Galaxy forumer Gojira84, which I give special thanks for notifying me first about this news. In an e-mail to someone associated with the Silver Scream Spook Show, "Not 100% sure, but stay tuned to www.silverscreamspookshow.com." So, time will just tell if we get another kaiju offering from the Plaza Theatre and the Silver Scream Spook Show. Already this year, the gindhouse theatre has showcased the wildly popular "GMK" and hosted an excruciatingly rare showing of "Rodan", which was special because it was film historian Ed Godziszewski‘s print that was shown.

There are some variables to solve out to have this film shown - such as the current copyrights issue due to the ADV fallout and weather or not film collectors will have a print available for the legendary AIP version. But we’ll just see, shall we?

Special thanks again to Gojira84...

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