Fans, Show The Love!

A new independent kaiju film from Japan is about to be uncovered by Avery Guerra at one of the sites he contributes to (Robojapan.blogspot.com or UnDead BackBrain.com). However, it’s release is up to us. Avery has given me a message. I think he states it perfectly.

"Hi "G", we're currently working on an article for a brand new daikaiju film from Japan that I found while searching online recently and contacted the director of it for exclusives and the details. The article should be up any day now.

Now this is why I'm actually contacting you; this film has never been released to the public anywhere before [not even in Japan] and wasn't actually intended to be released. I of course did some negotiating with the director and he has allowed us to cover the film and was even generous enough to give us lots of exclusive never-before-seen pics and details. He's excited to know that fans may want to see and own his work. The film is VERY significant to our beloved genre of Japanese daikaiju films and even American giant monster movies and just can't be allowed to be kept away from us fans, never to be released, and just to fade into obscurity.

He has decided to give us [the fans] this chance to voice our opinions of whether we want it released on DVD or not or to forever hold our peace. We've decided to do the article and give the fans a chance to post a comment below the article. It's free to post comments on our blog/website and no one has to join or create a profile or anything like that. They do have to enter just their names and an e-mail but their e-mails will not be published for others to see and they won't receive any spam in doing so. I'm just checking with you about this as I don't want it to look as though we're trying to steal or draw members away from the board or topics at hand.

Also, I'm also requesting your help-if you're interested and willing- in stressing to the other board members the importance of posting a comment in order to show that they want this film and if grateful for the opportunity to please thank the director as well. Please contact me back and let me know if this would be of interest to you. Thanks for your time and generous consideration of this request."

Be watching one of the aforementioned sites and make sure that you leave a comment so that we can see the film! Plus, it has been comfirmed that the film will be by the cast and crew of both the Godzilla and Gamera series. So please, once the article is up, express your interest in the film.

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