Updates 9/10/09

I am happy to announce that in just 16 days, two weeks two days, the Plaza Atlanta will be making kaiju theatre history by showing RODAN. As reported by SciFiJapan, the print is on loan from kaiju film historian Ed Godziszewski, in which Sean Linkenback is the middle man between. In case people didn’t know, Sean Linkenback is one of the more prominent kaiju fans from the south. He used to run Showcase Collectibles - a walk in kaiju store which you could also order via internet from - in Atlanta, Georgia till it went out of business. He is most known for writing the book "An Unauthorized Guide to Godzilla Collectibles", which for the time was an awesome book which consisted mainly of a list of merchandise with pictures and pricing. He now runs a memorabilia shop which sells kaiju memorabilia from the Showa series, but also has a lot of posters and lobby cards from the golden age of American cinema - including Universal horror.

As a developing journalist, be expecting a written report on the event. But also there is going to be a video on it. I shall be shooting footage from the event and such. A fellow youtube friend - who is going unnamed - is going to be contributing. Sometime after the showing, be expecting a video (estimated duration of 40 minutes) and a written report. Hope to see you there! This is a once in a lifetime chance to see this film! This is not a digital projection but actual film! Come see a golden age kaiju film the way it was meant to be seen: in film format in a grindhouse theatre! Once in a lifetime opportunity! For a prieview at what the experiance may be like, see my memoir of the Plaza Atlanta's previous kaiju outting from six months ago, GMK.

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