Update with Apologetic Substance

Well, if you have not heard by now, JournalismG2K was hackd into by the now infamous Tohokingdom.tk gang which wants to bring down the "nerds" of the fandom. This is the new blog which is in the process of being ressurected.

In other news, I was banned but I might as well say "sorry" to the citizens of Clubtokyo forums for ranting about them in the "Gripe" section of Kaiju Galaxy forums. Obviously we see things diffrently and due punishment has to be taken, via me being banned since the night of the hack.


  1. You weren't banned. Whoever was messing with you apparently changed your password and locked you out. The account was immediately deactivated to keep what happened to your blog out of MZ. As far as I know, you haven't tried to contact anyone at MZ. I personally have never even heard of "Kaiju Galaxy forums", but if you think MZ is somehow responsible for your issues, you should think a little harder.

  2. Oh, by the way, someone named "Returner" on the MZ board says you're a "hack job" with no credibility. You should track him down and make certain he sees a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Apparently he lives really close to you.