Daikaiju Refrence No. 1

By Kuroneko-Sama

Konnichiwa! I am Kuroneko-sama. There a few out there who may already be acquainted with me from Kaiju Galaxy, Gojira’s Sanctuary, or even Toho Kingdom.This is my first posting here at Journalism G2K, and I am very excited to be a part of this. This initial post of mine will be the first of many in what I hope will be a fun and concerted effort for and of many daikaiju aficionados.“References” is something I came up with in order to illustrate just how the reach of daikaiju eiga such as Godzilla and Gamera extends, and not just in the manner of TV shows and films. This is to be a weekly article. If you happen to have anything to contribute to “References”, I urge you to please do so. I also emphasize that, while Toho Kingdom has a similar article to their site, those who do submit references and sightings, do so honestly, and do not simply look at and take credit for the discoveries of others. Please also keep submissions appropriate, and keep in mind the consideration of others. Also, feel free to leave comments! Any and all feedback is welcome, provided it is appropriate.Thank you!*~Kuroneko-sama~*

Reference(s) No. 1
TV Reference(s):Godzilla
Show: Red Dwarf
Season: II
Episode No.: 9
Episode: Thanks for the Memory
Air Date: BBC2 on September 20, 1988
Official Website: http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/news/index.cfm

Plot synopsis: After getting drunk at Rimmer’s “Death Day” party, Lister, Rimmer, the Cat, and Holly wake up the next day, and discover that they are missing four days! Not only that, but somehow Lister and the Cat each has a broken leg, Lister’s puzzle is magically finished, and Holly can’t find the black box that records their every movement! Following the black box’s tracing signal, the crew watch the recording, despite a previously recorded Holly’s warning not to, and discover just what happened and how they came to lose those four days.

Reference(s): While watching the first part of the black box recording, Holly interrupts by saying, “What does all this have to do with broken legs, finished jigsaw puzzles, and Godzilla-sized footprints?”

Credit for reference(s): Kuroneko-sama


Film Reference(s):Godzilla
Film: Toy Story
Year: 1995
Plot synopsis: Woody has the perfect life with Andy and his toy buddies – until Buzz Lightyear arrives, and ruins everything. Now Woody has to reconcile his differences with Buzz, escape the destructive next-door-neighbor, prove himself to his friends, and get back to Andy before the family moves!

Reference(s): Hamm, the piggy bank, makes Godzilla references when he refers to Rex, Andy’s toy tyrannosaurus, as “Spillzilla” and other names.

Credit for reference(s): Kuroneko-sama


Other Reference(s):Godzilla
Media type: Radio Advertisement
Advertisement for: Restoration Specialists of Lake City, FL
Summary: A radio advertisement for the services offered by said businessReference(s): The advertisement involves a woman calling in the people from Restoration Specialists, saying that her currently missing pet basically did some damage to her home. At the end of the advertisement, one of the men from Restoration Specialists says, “Uh, ma’am, I think we found your pet.” Following this statement is the sound of the 1954 Godzilla’s “roar” or "groan".

Credit for reference(s): Kuroneko-sama

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